In 1970-71 the Penrith City Council commenced building an athletics field Blair Oval. There were many setbacks in the process, but the Blair Athletic Field was opened by Mr. Ron Mulock for the Penrith City Council as part of their Bi Centenary celebrations.

The field was set out by experts from AAA of NSW in conjunction with the Penrith City Council to Olympic track requirements. Again our officials had to set out, do all the marking (we still have to do this to-day) – 9 miles (14.4 Kilometres) of lines at least- dig out all the long jump pits, set out the throwing circles, just as a start. The only way they could get water onto the oval for watering was from a water main, outside the oval. They borrowed fire hoses and let them run overnight. Stan Harris & Gordon Hopkins did all the work.


One day, Gordon Hopkins, with Stan & Mavis Harris, were marking the oval in creosote, they went to buy some lunch, but while they were away a fire started near the South Creek, it swept right across the oval & when the workers returned everything was black- the lines could only be found by sweeping the track with a broom.


Frank Hartnig joined the club, and with his help for many years, many improvements were made to the oval & surrounds.

On competition and carnival days, tents had to be erected for the canteen, goods & all equipment had to be transported back & forth to the oval.

During this time Little Athletics started in NSW & officials of the 2 senior clubs decided to help the younger children who could not join the senior clubs. Senior Clubs at the time where avail from u/9s.

On the 14th July 1971 officials started the Nepean Little Athletics club. First competing at Blacktown the following year it was decided to bring our athletes back to Blair oval for their competition. From about 9 children to start off with, to around 750 in the late 1980’s to what it is to-day.

The club has a tradition of producing many fine athletes that go on to compete at the State and Australian level. A number of our athletes have produced Australian best performances which still stand up to this day. Some of our former athletes have gone on to bigger and better things outside of athletics.